Hydrophones & Echosounders




SensorTech manufactures a broad range of hydrophones for wide ranging applications that include: seismic, towed array, broadband, general purpose, research, deep sea and custom applications. This section provides a list of some typical hydrophones available from SensorTech.
In addition to these we have developed over 100 designs including: spherical units, arrays, composite elements and custom units to meet the demends of our customers. These products cover a frequency range from a few Hz to over 500 kHz.

SensorTech also provides a flexible manufacturing program that meets the requirements of the OEM user as well as the researcher. Please contact our technical support for further information.

We provide research and design suport, impedance matching transformers and custom hydrophone development for specialized applications.

♦Wide range of configurations to suit various applications
♦Low noise and good sensitivity
♦Optional integral electrostatic shield
♦Optional pre-amplifiers
♦Wide range of operational depths
♦Custom designs

Typical Applications (See Hydrophone Comparison Chart)

General Purpose and Broadband (SQ01, SQ03, SQ31, SQ48)
♦Marine survey
♦Navigation, USBL

Seismic, Sea Bottom, Towed Array and Geophysical (SQ05, SQ06, SQ26, SQ34)
♦Underwater Exploration
♦Positioning Systems
♦Towed Arrays
♦Deep Ocean operation

Marine Ecology & Life (SS03, SQ35, SQ42, SQ52)
♦Broadband & Research Hydrophones
♦Broadband Acoustic Transmission System (BATS)

General Purpose & Research SQ01, SQ03, SQ31, SQ48
Broadband SQ03, SQ31, SQ42, SQ48, SQ52
Seismic & Towed Array SQ05, SQ06, SQ26, SQ34
Transmit/Receive Units SQ09, SQ13, SQ21
Custom Units SQ15-02, SQ16-02, SQ20-03, SQ26-06,
SQ45-01, SQ47-00, SQ49-01, SQ50-00
* For details on Custom Units please contact techsupport@sensortech.ca