Free Flooded Rings

Free Flooded Rings

Free flooded rings are efficient transducers that provide reasonable power levels over wide range of frequencies and deep ocean capability. These transducers are simple radiators and yet have the advantage that the output is virtually independent of depth. Its radiation pattern is omni-directional in the plane perpendicular to the axis of the ring, while the directivity in the other planes depends on the length of the cylinder.
Sensor Technology Limited manufactures free flooded  transducers from a wide range of ceramic rings and sizes. These transducers can be supplied from 10kHz to over 60kHz.

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Free Flooded Rings


Resonance Frequency (kHz) 30 60
Transmit Voltage Response, TVR
(dB Ref. 1 µPa/Volt @ 1 metre)
133 132
Receive Voltage Response, OCV
(dB Ref. 1 volt/ µPa.)
-193 -200
Useable Frequency Range (kHz) 20-40 40-70
Beam Pattern

Toroidal (60°)

Toroidal (60°)
Efficiency (% min) 50 50
Input Power (2% duty Cycle) 300W 300W
Operating Depth (Metres) Unlimited Unlimited


1N2 1N2
Weight in grams (with cable) 112 72.5