Amplifiers & Power Supplies

SA09 -Preamplifier, Single-ended I/O, Low Power Consumption

SensorTech’s preamplifiers have been designed for applications where size and weight are critical but performance cannot be compromised. The SA09 is ideal for use with piezoelectric sensors such as hydrophones and vibration detectors but can also be used in other applications. Surface-mount technology provides small size and reliable low-noise configuration. The SA09 offers high input impedance and low-power consumption.

The SA09 has a single-ended input and output. The SA09 is a voltage follower.


  • Low noise figure
  • Low power consumption
  • High input impedance


  • Modal analysis
  • Control systems
  • Signal conditioning
  • Hydrophones


Gain  Unity (buffer)
Noise ref. input   < 10
Input/output  Single Ended/Single Ended
Input impedance  20 M Ohms
Bandwidth  6 Hz - 50 kHz
Size  38 mm x 12 mm
 ( 1.5” x 0.47” )
Weight  4.6 gms
Supply voltage  9V
Current (μA@9v)  150 μA@9V



Frequency Response