SensorTech - we offer sound solutions with piezoelectrics

There are a number of companies that manufacture underwater sensors and associated instrumentation, but few can match the quality, wide range of products, or strong customer support of Sensor Technology Limited.

Since 1983, SensorTech has been supplying an extensive array of components and services to customers in 40 countries around the world. SensorTech's unique structure, flexible manufacturing operations, and product range have given our customers cost, schedule, and performance advantages.

Broad range of products and custom products
SensorTech offers a comprehensive line of  products including hydrophones, acoustic transducers, sensors, actuators, piezoelectric ceramics, and associated instrumentation such as pre-amplifiers and other electronics. This is a result of intensive research and development in materials, processes and techniques. Our complete product catalogue is available on a compact disc or as a PDF on this website. If you have special requirements, we will be happy to build a custom product for you.

Vertical integration of operations and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities
Our manufacturing facilities use state-of-the-art processes and proven manufacturing techniques. The facilities are housed in  two buildings that cover a total area of 1,860 square meters (20,000 square feet). SensorTech's operations are vertically integrated. We produce our own powder formulations, fabricate the ceramics and devices, package them and test them. This allows us to provide quick turnaround with standard products as well as new designs. In addition, our core R&D group can support the development of new and customized materials and new product designs. Our system offers flexible manufacturing for all types of volumes.

Quality - our proud commitment
SensorTech is an ISO9001:2000 corporation. Since the start of our operations, there has been one characteristic common to every product and service SensorTech offers - quality. The true character of quality is very complex. It is excellence proven over time, craftsmanship forged from experience, and innovation based on the cutting edge of research and development. At SensorTech, we know that there are no shortcuts to quality. It must be built into a product from ground up. And it starts with the fundamentals: the best people, extensive research, thorough design, good materials, proven techniques, efficient manufacturing, and responsive customer service. Quality is the sum of all these. Our commitment to quality is a long-held tradition, one that touches everything we do.

The future - research & development
SensorTech's current product line is developed with intensive research and development in advanced ceramics, materials, processes, and techniques. SensorTech has a strong product development and customer service group. As a result, our products and experiments have been on the Space Shuttle and Mir Space Station, 7,500 meters underwater, and in both the arctic and Antarctic. We provide the best possible custom R&D support and product development services to our customers.

SensorTech is based on proud traditions
It is with great pride that we source some large-volume products directly to our customer's production and assembly lines. Some clients do not put our products through any further quality testing at their end. Such trust is very valuable to us as we have worked very hard to earn it. Our commitment to quality has helped us to achieve excellence not only in commercial products but also in research and development. Extensive use of statistical design methodology in our materials and product development enables us to maximize our output with limited resources and at an effective cost.

The finest approach to quality control is that everybody on staff be enthusiastic in meeting and beating our customers’ expectations. At SensorTech we pride ourselves on working together to ensure that our customers’ needs are met. We first work with our customers to thoroughly review specifications for products required. Then, a stringent checking process, often requiring more than one signature through our quality-control steps, is followed. As carefully as we manufacture our products, we continue the process of TLC (tender loving care) through into our shipping department where orders are packaged carefully and shipped with professional carriers.

Sensortech is... Knowledge and experience at your service

Contact us - We are easy to reach. Either e-mail us at, or telephone us at (705) 444-1440. Planning to visit SensorTech? We are located about 1.5 hours north-northwest of Toronto. Click here for directions to SensorTech in Collingwood.